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But first, let us introduce ourselves

We are a peer to peer rental platform. We aim to make fashion circular. Why? We believe that the way we are consuming fashion and producing new items is not healthy for us nor our environment. Water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals, increasing levels of textile waste and the scrutiny that garment workers are put through are some of the pressing issues that we deeply care about

“The urgency to act on these issues. Woke up an ambition in us – to bring circular fashion to our city and the world.”

How it Works

By keeping clothes in use for longer, we can substantially cut waste and pollution in fashion. So, we thought why not rent each other’s pieces. You will be able to list your items and rent pieces you fancy. Apart from being able to discover the different layers of your style, you get to be sustainable at the same time. Good stuff!

Find Something you fancy

Arrange the dates with lender

Style and wear your items

Return it back to the lender

Benefits of lending your pieces with us!

Some people have spare rooms to make them some extra cash while some others like us have BIG closets filled with potential cash. We make it easy and secure to lend your items. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, and how you interact with potential renters. You get to:

  • Monetise items that might not get a ton of play.

  • Earn more by lending before you decide to resell

  • Turn your pieces into an investment.

  • Extend the lifespan of your items.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint. How cool is that?

If you have a bunch of well-made items, we can list them for you. Make sure to send an email rteam@theretell.com, and we will take care of that.

How long is the wait

  • 14
  • 3
  • 30
  • 45

There’s no other city in the world, like London that has this amazing mix of people and we want to celebrate that.


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Your Questions Answered

How do I rent items?
You first need to register to our platform and create a profile with key account information. You will go through a quick security check to authenticate your identity. We will get back to you shortly confirming you are good to go. After the confirmation you will be able to browse and rent any item you fancy.
We are currently located in London, United Kingdom. But we will expand soon to other cities as well.
Our goal is to build a trusted community for everyone who joins Retell to lend and borrow personal items. There as, security is pivotal to us. We will be using a thirdparty provider to check the IDs and make sure that everyone in the platform feels safe and protected.
The full payment is released and sent to your bank account 24 hours after the rental period has begun. We will be working with Stripe to manage secure payment processes.
Every members identity is checked through an ID verification process before they are given the green light to browse and rent from our platform. The people who will be renting will be preauthorising to charge their credit card in case of any issues. We also have a reviewing system that will ensure transparency from both sides, lenders and renters.
Listing your wardrobe is free. You will only be charged a service fee when you accept a Rental Request from a renter.
The owner is responsible for dry cleaning. Members can benefit from exclusive discounts from our dry cleaning partnerships that will be announced shortly.
You can rent each item for a seven day period, up to one month or more depending on how you agree with the lender and if they have available dates.
If your item does not fit, you contact us within 24 hours of receiving the item. Return the item to the lender and once it arrives back, you will receive a refund.
All payments should be made online via the website or app. This ensures there is a trackable exchange of communications and payments.
Please inform us about any accidental damage and send the item to us. We’ll carry out a condition report and assess the damage and consider a suitable solution. You might get an additional charge(for repair/laundering) as a compensation to the owner. Please bare in mind that big damages and theft aren’t covered under our damage protection policy.
When you decide to rent an item, you will have two options to pick from. One is through post and the other is through courier services.
You can buy the item directly without having to rent it at all if that is something that the lender wishes to do.

If you’re wondering about listing your items, renting pieces or our services shoot us an email at rteam@theretell.com or check out the FAQs section—the answer might be there already!